Ashley Drake

Former Travel PT and aspiring writer. Creator of the blog The Chronic Lifestyle which provides resources and support for those living with chronic pain.

Ben Galin

Been in the trenches in every setting. Entrepreneurial, and understanding how the larger healthcare system works,has led me into consulting,and now Bliss a PHM company.

Brian Walls

I have been a non-clinical PT for over 10 years who is currently searching for a position.

Brian Schwabe

I'm the co-founder of I'm also a consultant and fitness/medical writer.

Bridget Mathis

Hello! I am an Occupational Therapist and love working with the elderly. I love to grow and learn new skills and am interested in expanding my knowledge of non-clinical jobs.

Bryce Williams

BS PT from Florida A&M Univ, 2000
Full time home health PT, while working on tDPT and studying for GCS exam
Plan to phase out of clinical care over the next decade

Carlee Conners

SLPx10 years, ready for a change.

Carlo Areddu

I’m an Italian PT with both clinical & research experience within the field of Neurological & Musculoskeletal rehabilitation & Clinical Exercise Physiology.

Caryn Pirko
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