Amber Hammock

I’m an OT by trade but feel my strongest skill sets would be better utilized in management, sales or any position that requires creative problem solving and a lot of charisma!

Amelia Fleck

20 years experience, mostly outpatient but a bit of acute & subacute rehab as well. Strong experience in outpatient neuro and vestibular, as well as general ortho.

Andrew Bernstein

physical therapist for 28 years. Mostly orthopedic but have done home care, case management, SNF.

Angel Sullivan

PTA for 18 years. Works part time and per diem.

Angela Aitken

Personal mobile women's P.T. focusing on the early postpartum period + core rehab for diastasis recti, back pain, and digestive issues through natural solutions.

Angela Forsyth

I'm a physical therapist and the REBUILD Program Director for Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group.

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