Abby Ampil

Abby is a board certified specialist in pediatric physical therapy. She works full time as a physical therapist, and is also a freelance writer.

Adam Quire

University of Kentucky DPT program (2012). Practiced in Outpatient Orthopedics and currently in Home Health Care. Lexington, KY.

Adrienne Nova

Seattle PT loves learning, writing, teaching, movement, greenery, Korean food/skincare! UW DPT class of 2012. DCE at a PTA program. Freelance health and medical writer.

Alena Mokrzycki

I graduated from Temple University with my DPT degree in 2017. I recently moved to Pottstown, PA. I am seeking an outpatient PT position but am open to non-clinical career options.

Alex Yant
Amelia Fleck

20 years experience, mostly outpatient but a bit of acute & subacute rehab as well. Strong experience in outpatient neuro and vestibular, as well as general ortho.

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