Angel Sullivan

PTA for 18 years. Works part time and per diem.

Angela Aitken

Personal mobile women's P.T. focusing on the early postpartum period + core rehab for diastasis recti, back pain, and digestive issues through natural solutions.

Angela Forsyth

I'm a physical therapist and the REBUILD Program Director for Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group.

Anne Thumann

DPT from Temple U in 2009; work mostly in OP, but have experience in Acute, Inpt rehab, and private practice; interest lies in documentation audits and UR

Ashleigh Price

I am always looking for more opportunities to broaden my knowledge base and experience.

Ashley Drake

Former Travel PT and aspiring writer. Creator of the blog The Chronic Lifestyle which provides resources and support for those living with chronic pain.

Barbara Almstead

Physical Therapist Class of '96 - Mercy College, NY. Over twenty years experience in all settings primarily sub-acute/LTC which I love. Now taking the plunge into UM.

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