Non-Clinical 101

The Complete Guide to Launching Your Non-Clinical Career

Build the career of your dreams without "wasting" your education and experience!

Build the Non-Clinical PT

The Course that will change your life.

Designed specifically for rehabilitation professionals:
PTs | OTs | SLPs | PTAs | OTAs

  • No more sending hundreds of resumes into the void, hoping someone will take a chance on you.​
  • No more applying to jobs where you’re overqualified, but desperate to be given consideration.
  • No more questioning which path is right for you, or whether you’ll make a huge mistake and pursue the wrong career.
  • No more flushing time and money down the toilet by taking classes that don’t even interest you.

4 Steps to A New Career path

Learning What Makes You Tick

Enjoy a series of fun and enlightening self-assessments to discover your strengths, passions, and values. You have so much to offer!

Discovering What's Out There

Explore a variety of career paths that leverage your experience and skills, but don’t involve direct patient care. I've done the research so you don't have to!

Making a Winning Plan

Learn everything you need to know about networking, resumes, cover letters, and using your existing skills. Save your sanity by doing it right the first time.

Landing Your Dream Job

Master successful strategies for interviewing, negotiating, and kicking serious butt in your new role. Stop guessing, and learn how to close like a pro.

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Who is The Non-Clinical PT?

Hi! I’m Meredith Castin, PT, DPT.

I thought physical therapy would be my dream career, but I burned out three years after graduation. Nonetheless, I refused to believe my education was a “waste” or that leaving direct patient care meant I was a lazy or bad clinician. It simply meant I needed to find a new way to use my education and skills.

But there was no road map or guide for launching a non-clinical career. So I started doing something I knew I loved: writing. At first it was for fun, but then I was able to get paid for it!

By 2015, I had co-founded NewGradPhysicalTherapy and worked as Head of Content for CovalentCareers. I also launched a successful freelance writing career, working for prominent healthcare clients (including, but not limited to, the ones below). As I gained visibility from my writing career, I suddenly had a stream of therapists calling and emailing, asking me to share my advice on leaving patient care.

That’s why I created The Non-Clinical PT in 2017.

And here we are today! Hundreds of hours of research, scores of informational interviews, and countless coaching calls later, I have put together the guide I wish I had all those years ago. Non-Clinical 101 is exactly what you need to launch your non-clinical dream career!

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