I often hear people ask, "What else can I do with a physical therapy degree?" If you're looking for non-clinical jobs or creative ways to leverage your degree, you've come to the right place! A physical therapy degree is not...

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leaving patient care

6 Stupid Mistakes I Made When Leaving Patient Care

Boy, did I ever screw up some things when I was leaving patient care. I really had no idea what I was doing, and...

Your First Non-Clinical Resume

The first thing you need to do is step back and look at your resume. Realistically, it probably looks pretty impressive if you're a...

3 Things to Expect When You Leave Patient Care

Whether you made the decision quickly or you have chewed on it for awhile, it can be quite liberating when you realize you'd like...

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Non-Clinical Physical Therapy Career: Copywriter

Have you ever been told that you're a natural-born storyteller? Do you craft your emails with pizazz so that they're equally heartfelt, humorous, and...
rehab liaison

Rehab Liaison: Non-Clinical Career

My first non-clinical physical therapy job was working as a rehab liaison at South Bay Rehabilitation Center (at Paradise Valley Hospital in National City,...

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