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Welcome to The Non-Clinical PT!

Maybe you’re thinking of leaving clinical care, but…

You have no idea what types of non-clinical roles are out there
You have no clue which jobs you’d enjoy
You’re worried you don’t have the right skills to transfer to a non-clinical role
You don’t think you have enough experience to make the leap
You figure all the good roles go to nurses
You have no idea where to find quality non-clinical jobs
You’re too exhausted from work to figure it out on your own

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out–because we’ve got your back!

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Landing a non-clinical role doesn’t have to be a grind!

Take a deep breath, and imagine…

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Working in an environment where you’re worth more than your billable units!

happy non-clinical OT family

Enjoying a flexible, fulfilling role with plenty of growth opportunities!

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Leveraging your experience and education to help fix healthcare’s biggest problems!

But going non-clinical isn’t just about you getting pee breaks and higher pay. 🙂 You’ll also help pave the way for other rehab professionals to make a positive impact on the healthcare world.

From improving EHRs to streamlining discharge planning, you’ll leverage your background to improve healthcare for patients and practitioners alike.

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The Non-Clinical PT

The Non-Clinical PT Mission

Our mission is simple: To help you launch a non-clinical career you love…without all the headaches and missteps along the way!

We want to help you take all that hard-earned education, experience, and clinical expertise and parlay it into the non-clinical healthcare career of your dreams. Just because you want a change, it doesn’t mean you should have to throw everything away and start from scratch.

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