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♥ You CAN use your rehab experience in a non-clinical career!
♥ You DO have the skills to move beyond direct patient care!
♥ You WILL find work you love…without starting over!

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The Non-Clinical PT was created by Meredith Castin, PT, DPT, and our mission is to help rehabilitation professionals transition out of direct patient care in a meaningful, effective manner. Non-clinical jobs for PTs, OTs, SLPs, and assistants are out there, and our goal is to give you the tools and confidence you need to successfully land them! 


Start your non-clinical career transition with all the materials you need:

  • Recommended coursework
  • A non-clinical job seekers’ group
  • A non-clinical networking group
  • Discounts on CEUs and more

Educational Content

Explore free educational articles designed to help you successfully transition out of patient care:

  • Spotlights on non-clinical therapy professionals
  • Non-clinical career paths
  • Guest posts
  • Advice articles for career transitioners

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4 Secrets to Landing a Fulfilling Non-Clinical Job

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