Our articles cover a wide range of non-clinical topics, including spotlights of non-clinical rehab professionals, guest posts, and step-by-step instructions for pursuing various roles. Enjoy!
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tandem healthcare solutions principal - Allison Chrestensen spotlight

Tandem Healthcare Solutions – Allison Chrestensen

This week’s spotlight is on Allison Chrestensen, an occupational therapist who pursued public health—and now runs a business teaching creative and contemplative practices to healthcare practitioners to improve wellbeing and …

physical therapy research associate

Physical Therapy Research Associate – Aaron Embry

This week’s spotlight features a PT who has spent the majority of his career in the neuro research space. He shares the good, the bad, and the ugly about a …

Documentation and Compliance Consultant at Therapy 8 Consulting - Melanie Gagnon's spotlight

Documentation and Compliance Consultant – Melanie Gagnon

This week’s spotlight features Melanie Gagnon, a physical therapist whose desire to have greater flexibility and control over her days led her to a documentation and compliance consultant career. What …

Spotlight on Anna Sternin Virk - Clinical Project Manager at Intuitive

Clinical Project Manager – Anna Sternin Virk

This week’s spotlight features Anna Sternin Virk, one of my best friends and first PT coworkers! She went from physical therapist to clinical project manager at a robotics company in …

DBS Clinical Specialist Career Spotlight

DBS Clinical Specialist – Anna Manor

Anna Manor is a physical therapist who wanted to help neuro patients in a totally unconventional way. She was smart and strategic about her job search, and landed in a …

Commission-only DME sales rep roles

Commission-Only DME Sales Rep Roles

2020 has been quite the year, huh? Fallout from PDPM and PDGM has collided unceremoniously with the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in an unholy matrimony of clinical job shortages. Since this …