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Welcome to The Non-Clinical PT!

If you’re new here, you might be feeling pretty excited…and a little overwhelmed.

Maybe you arrived at this page thinking there was NOTHING you could do with that PT/A, OT/A, or SLP/A background, beyond simply treating patients.

That’s simply not the case, and I created this site to help you discover your options 🙂

There’s a lot of excellent information available on my website. A LOT. So, I’ve created this page to help you discover some of my top resources, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Free Resources

Most people want to start with the free stuff, so here are my most popular free resources 🙂

Premium Resources

If you’re spinning your wheels a bit, don’t worry because I’ve got your back! I have spent the last few years putting together a suite of premium resources that are exactly what I wish I had when I went non-clinical back in the day. 🙂

  • Non-Clinical 101 CourseThis is my flagship course, with over 1000 students so far. It’s a comprehensive, self-paced, online course with rave reviews from countless PT/OT/SLP professionals. This is the most convenient, streamlined, and effective way to make the transition out of patient care. This is ideal for people who know they want to pursue non-clinical work, but aren’t sure what’s out there or where to start. Check out these success stories!
  • Non-Clinical Career Crash Courses – These are shorter courses with videos of about 20-40 minutes, which cover what each career involves, the education/experience required to get there, how to get said experience/education, what to put in your resume and cover letter, and how to successfully interview to land the job. These courses also come with several ATS-compliant resume templates and cover letter examples, as well as a list of recommended job search terms and an interview preparation packet. These courses are ideal for people who know what they want to do, but want some guidance to make it happen.
    Pro tip: *ALL* of the crash courses are included with Non-Clinical 101.
  • General Non-Clinical Starter Pack – This is a general starter pack of 2 ATS-compliant sample non-clinical resumes, sample non-clinical cover letters, a list of recommended non-clinical job search terms, and an interview preparation packet. This is a non-specific packet ideal for those who simply want some resume templates and some preparation for strategically interviewing for non-clinical roles.
  • One-on-One Coaching/Career Strategy – At this time, I only offer one-on-one coaching as a paid upgrade for alumni of Non-Clinical 101: The Complete Guide to Launching Your Non-Clinical Career. Non-Clinical 101 is very comprehensive, and will answer most of the questions that would normally come up during a one-on-one coaching session. Many people who take Non-Clinical 101 feel that they do not need additional coaching. However, if coaching interests you, you’re welcome to reach out once you’ve enrolled in the course, and we can set something up. 🙂
  • Therapy Blogging 101 Course – Want to be a blogger? Eager to learn the strategies that let me earn a full-time income from The Non-Clinical PT? This course is for you!

Technical Support

Having trouble logging in to access a course, product, or service we offer? First of all, thank you for your purchase!

  • If you’re having trouble finding the Non-Clinical Academy login page, it is here.
  • If you forgot your password, and need to reset it, you can do that here.
  • If you’ve requested a password reset, but didn’t get the e-mail from Teachable (the platform we use for courses/products), please check your spam/junk folder first before reaching out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m lost, and I need advice. Can you help me?

If you don’t already have an idea of what you want to do next, I strongly recommend you take Non-Clinical 101. I designed the course to help people exactly like you. It’s meant to be your sidekick on your journey, walking you through the discovery phase all the way through negotiating your first non-clinical salary. It is filled with insightful exercises to help you discover your true passions and inherent strengths, and match them with the right non-clinical careers.

I know exactly what I want to do, but I don’t know how to get there. Can you help me?

If you know for a fact that you want to pursue a certain career path, consider my Non-Clinical Career Crash Courses. All of them are also included in Non-Clinical 101.

I just need help with my resume. Can you help me?

Non-Clinical 101 comes with 40+ ATS-friendly non-clinical resumes tailored for specific non-clinical career paths, which you can adapt to your own needs. I also offer resume reviews as an affordable paid upgrade to Non-Clinical 101 grads who want feedback before applying to specific jobs. If you KNOW what you want to do, there are ATS-friendly resume examples in each of my Non-Clinical Career Crash Courses. And, if you simply want a few nonspecific ATS-friendly non-clinical resume templates to get you started, you can get my General Non-Clinical Job Seeker Starter Pack, which comes with 2 templates, cover letter samples, job search terms, and an interview preparation packet.

Which companies hire PT/As, OT/As, and SLP/As into non-clinical roles?

I have a comprehensive list of these companies, with more added regularly, available exclusively to Non-Clinical 101 students as part of the course.

Should I keep my license active if I leave patient care?

Yes, you should 100% keep your license active, as many non-clinical roles require an active clinical license. That said, there are plenty of non-clinical roles that don’t require a license! So, if you want to have as many options available to you as possible, it’s best to keep your license.

I have started consulting! How should I price myself?

In Non-Clinical 101, we cover consulting as a career path AND have an additional bonus module all about positioning and pricing yourself as a consultant!

Where can I go for CEUs if I don’t want to do patient care anymore?

That’s a great question! I highly recommend MedBridge Education, as it’s the most comprehensive and offers the MOST non-clinical CEUs. Best of all, you can use our affiliate discount code NONCLINICALPT for $175 off a membership!

I want to be a blogger, like you! Where do I start?

You’re in luck! I teamed up with Chanda Jothen of Pink Oatmeal to create a comprehensive course called Therapy Blogging 101.

I can’t afford your courses! Can you help me anyway?

I offer many free resources, and you can find them linked at the top of this page.

I’ve found that giving away my premium resources has one effect: the recipients do not use them. When you have skin in the game, you take action. I have priced my courses in a way that reflects their value, as well as the amount of time and energy you need to commit to making a real change in your career. Be sure to join my free email list, as you’ll be alerted when my resources go on sale!

I’m a new grad! Can I land a non-clinical role?

Absolutely! In fact, you’re better qualified for some roles than others, simply because you have more recent exposure to things like boards (think NPTE prep companies) or the latest in digital media/marketing. Non-Clinical 101 covers which types of roles work best for each person’s background and experience.

My company is hiring! Can we advertise a job or get help figuring out what we should be looking for?

Absolutely! Please reach out here and we can discuss further. love helping companies spread the word about great non-clinical opportunities.