Staying Clinical

Staying Clinical

If you want—or need—to stay in the clinic, good on ya!

I do not want all of our best, most passionate clinicians to leave patient care. If you love treating patients, and just need some support to navigate the pressures of productivity and caregiver fatigue, you’re on the right page!

I’ve done my best to find resources to help you as you work to improve others’ lives.

Several of the links below are affiliate links, where I make a small commission if you purchase something through my link. It does not increase the price you pay (and sometimes saves you money)—and I ONLY recommend products and services I stand behind. Thank you for supporting The Non-Clinical PT mission!

Building Skills

Here are a few resources to streamline your care and improve your efficiency, so you can stop feeling like you’re always flustered and running behind.

The Pain Class (FREE)

This FREE online course is run by Dr. Kevin Cuccaro, DO, a pain specialist with an incredibly admirable mission: to help healthcare practitioners transform their practice by incorporating the latest pain science principles into their care. This course makes it possible by using a conceptual model that makes sense of pain. I am all about interdisciplinary care, and Dr. Cuccaro is very passionate and knowledgeable about pain.

Seniors Flourish Learning Lab

Working with older adults can sometimes be challenging, but it can also be fun, empowering, and incredibly fulfilling. Seniors don’t always receive quality care, which is why Mandy Chamberlain, MOTR/L created the Seniors Flourish Learning Lab. She provides tons of content and resources to help OT professionals who want to improve their care and be the best possible OT practitioners for the patients who need them most.

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OT Potential Club

If you’re an OT looking to incorporate more evidence into practice, this is the club for you. It’s affordable and supportive, and Sarah sends out all sorts of helpful bonus gifts to members.

Getting Licensed

→ Having trouble passing the NPTE? Definitely explore PT Final Exam by Will Crane, PT, DPT. PT Final Exam the highest rated NPTE prep program around, and it has all sorts of options to fit all budgets. There’s no smoke and mirrors and no fancy marketing in this program, but it’s rock solid. If you want to pass the NPTE, this is the way to go. 

→ Need a US PT license? Will Crane from PT Final Exam also offers a FREE course to help foreign-trained PTs get licensed in the US!

Fighting Burnout

Those company yoga classes and water bottles are well-intended—but they’re not addressing the root issues that lead to burnout. Here are some resources meant to help you fight burnout in practical, meaningful ways.

Joy Energy Time Collective Newsletter (FREE)

This FREE newsletter, run by Erika del Pozo, MOT, OTR/L, brightens up your inbox every other Monday morning. It’s like a mini magazine with stories, tips, recommendations, resources, and more to help clinicians prioritize their wellness, boost their happiness, get inspired, and feel empowered as practitioners. If you’re feeling burned out and frustrated by life in the clinic, this newsletter is a breath of fresh air.

Be Happier in Patient Care (FREE)

This article is a really popular one from The Non-Clinical PT. Guest poster Abby Ampil, PT, DPT shares some tips about how to make changes to your clinical setup so you feel happier treating patients.

Become a Resilient Practitioner

I highly recommend that you explore Renee Ostertag, PT, DPT’s website. She offers individual coaching and courses that incorporate the latest evidence around the nervous system and how it impacts anxiety and burnout. These tactics are proven to help people feel happier and more at peace in traditional patient care. Working with Renee will help you cultivate a peaceful nervous system that empowers you in every area of your life: love, family, finances, career, health, and your future in the world at large.