About The Non-Clinical PT

About The Non-Clinical PT

The Non-Clinical PT is the #1 resource for PTs, OTs, SLPs, and assistants seeking healthcare careers beyond direct patient care.

We’ve been at it since 2017, and we’ve helped thousands of rehab clinicians retool their careers without starting over!

The Non-Clinical PT Mission

Our mission is simple: We want to help you take all that hard-earned education, experience, and clinical expertise and parlay it into the non-clinical healthcare career of your dreams. Just because you want a change, it doesn’t mean you should have to throw everything away and start from scratch.

The mission doesn’t stop there. Our goal is to advocate and collaborate whenever possible to create more opportunities for rehab professionals across the healthcare landscape!

The Non-Clinical PT seeks to elevate how physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals are viewed by the medical community and general public.

We are leaders and innovators, and we can do incredible things with the right opportunities.

The Non-Clinical PT aims to discover and create those non-clinical opportunities—and to provide the tools and resources to help you succeed in such roles. And, in the process, we aim to create pathways for rehab professionals to improve the way healthcare is delivered.

From incorporating more non-clinical training into our educational programs to creating task forces within our professional organizations, we are seeking true positive change in the rehab world!

Meet Our Team!

Ashley Emery, PT, DPT

Client Success & Marketing Manager

ISFJ | Enneagram 5w6

Ashley Emery

Ashley began her career in patient care and soon made the transition to virtual assistant for a small PT clinic. Now, she supports others pursuing non-clinical careers through her work at TNCPT! In her free time, Ashley loves listening to podcasts, biking, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.

Meredith Castin, DPT

Founder, Instructor, and
Board Member

ENFP | Enneagram 7w6

Meredith Castin, PT, DPT – Founder of The Non-Clinical PT

 Meredith worked clinically for 5 years before leaving patient care, working her way up to head of content at a healthcare media & staffing firm. When other clinicians began reaching out for help pivoting their own careers, Meredith created TNCPT as a centralized non-clinical career resource.

Nick Castin

Founder and
Board Member

ISTJ | Enneagram 6w5

Nick Castin – Operations/Tech/Finance for The Non-Clinical PT

Nick spent 20+ years as a software architect/engineer in the satellite communications industry. He now handles operations, tech, and finance for The Non-Clinical PT, while also working as a freelancer. His greatest accomplishment is marrying the founder of The Non-Clinical PT.

Julia Castorani

Community Advisor and
Board Member

ESTJ | Enneagram 9

Julia draws from over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field, having worked in hospital settings across Philadelphia and her hometown of Baltimore. When not dedicating her time to the well-being of others, Julia can usually be found accompanied by her loyal companion, Tiger.

Kim Aurand

Product Advisor and
Board Member

INTP | Enneagram 5

Kim brings a wealth of experience in product development, having spent 15 years striving to create loveable apps, websites, and IoT systems for tens of millions of users in the career, entertainment, and health at home spaces.

Rick Castorani


ENTP | Enneagram 7

Rick is a leader in the fields of education and technology. Holding an M.S.Ed. (Master of Science in Education) from the University of Pennsylvania, he has leveraged his expertise to help businesses and educational institutions of all sizes streamline and optimize their systems and operations.

Justin Aurand


INTJ | Enneagram 1

Justin has extensive experience as a founding engineer and technology leader in startup environments. This marks the third time he is spearheading the technology direction and vision, leveraging his skills in driving innovation from the ground up.

The Non-Clinical PT has grown to become a thriving community filled with inspiring, forward-thinking rehab professionals committed to improving healthcare. You can learn more about how The Non-Clinical PT evolved by reading Meredith’s spotlight.

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