About The Non-Clinical PT


Hi! I'm Meredith Castin, PT, DPT.

I graduated from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (San Marcos) in 2010. By the time I had been working for just three years, I burned out on patient care. I tried just about every setting to make sure, but my heart simply wasn’t in clinical care.

I set a goal to treat clinically for five years before leaving patient care to become a copywriter, and that’s exactly what I did—but it certainly wasn’t easy. Along the way, I co-founded NewGradPhysicalTherapy, and during that time, I was approached by many other physical and occupational therapists (and assistants) who were feeling burned out in traditional patient care, and they felt as lost as I had once felt.

In 2017, I created The Non-Clinical PT as a small resource for therapy professionals seeking change, and the response was astounding. Since then, I’ve helped countless PT, OT, and SLP professionals find the confidence, inspiration, and information to pursue—and land—non-clinical roles. When I created this site, I looked in the mirror and promised myself I would never lose focus of my true passion: helping fight burnout in the rehabilitation world. My mission is for The Non-Clinical PT to be the #1 resource for physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals who wish to leverage their degrees in non-clinical settings.

When you’re not happy in patient care, it can feel like there is no way out. My goal is to make the journey out of patient care easier for therapy professionals, by providing guidance, community, and inspiration! It’s time that we shatter the stigma of leaving traditional patient care, and embrace the idea of leveraging our degrees. I believe that creating non-clinical options in our profession will enable therapy professionals to find more fulfillment in their careers… and provide us much-needed exposure in mainstream culture.

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