Discounts, CEUs, and Partner Platforms

Discounts on non-clinical physical occupational and speech therapy CEUs

I have negotiated discounts and relationships with some of my favorite players in the non-clinical space. I am only recommending platforms I have personally used and enjoyed—or ones that others have repeatedly told me are high quality and good value.

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Save 40% on Unlimited Medbridge CEUs with promo code TNCPT!

Save 40% with our MedBridge Discount Code

MedBridge Education offers the largest selection of clinical and non-clinical CEU courses online! I consider this the best option for your value because there are SO many courses. You can learn a ton about non-clinical topics while earning CEUs. You can save 40% and get unlimited clinical and non-clinical CEUs with my MedBridge discount code TNCPT. Be sure to enter the promo code at checkout to get the full discount on your MedBridge subscription. free month

Get a free bonus month on ContinuEd

Best price on unlimited con-ed! The ContinuEd sites (,, are my second pick because they are so affordable. They don’t have nearly the selection of courses as MedBridge, so I usually recommend MedBridge for those actively looking to transition out of direct patient care. However, ContinuEd sites are great for those on an extremely tight budget. Plus, you can get a free month when you subscribe by using code NCPTBONUS13 at checkout.

Save 25% on Breaking into Health Writing Course

Learn real tactics to be successful in the health writing industry!

This is, hands down, the best introductory course I have found for aspiring health writers! Be sure to enroll using this link so you can get 25% off!

aspireship logo

Get Started in Client Success or Tech Sales with Aspireship

Upskilling is the quickest way to bridge the gap between clinical care and non-clinical careers.

Aspireship is a reskilling and job placement platform that is designed to help professionals from all backgrounds and experience levels learn marketable skills AND find work in the client success and tech sales industries.

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Gain Industry Knowledge With Coursera

Coursera has transformed how we learn. This platform enables you to take courses from big-name universities nationwide. They’re convenient and low-cost (or even FREE sometimes), and you pay to earn a certificate at the end. Coursera is well-known in the business world and worth making the investment if you see courses that appeal to you. It’s a low-risk way to gain valuable knowledge and skills that help you transition into specific non-clinical paths. I make specific course recommendations for each of the 25 non-clinical career paths in Non-Clinical 101, but you can also explore my Non-Clinical CEUs article to learn more.

I recommend using Coursera for a deep dive into individual careers from an academic/theoretical viewpoint.

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Build Transferable Skills With Udemy

Udemy offers individual, low-cost courses on various types of non-clinical and tech skills. You might turn to Udemy to learn how to use Microsoft Office, project management tools, or a type of graphic design software. Again, I make specific recommendations for each type of career in Non-Clinical 101, but you can also explore my Non-Clinical CEUs article to learn more.

I recommend using Udemy for quick, one-off technical trainings and skills to help you transition into specific careers.

Unlimited Courses from LinkedIn Learning

Your best bet for unlimited learning comes from LinkedIn Learning. This platform offers many of the same types of courses you’ll find on Coursera or Udemy, but some are much shorter. Others are longer, and some come with badges of completion that you can feature on your LinkedIn profile. The main difference is that you pay one flat rate to use LinkedIn Learning.

I recommend using LinkedIn Learning if you want to take lots of different courses and be able to show evidence of your learning directly on your LinkedIn Profile. I make recommendations in Non-Clinical 101 for specific courses for various career paths.