You'd love to branch out from patient care, but...

  • You have no idea what types of non-clinical roles are out there.

  • You have no clue which jobs you'd enjoy.
  • You’re worried you don’t have the right skills to transfer to a non-clinical role.

  • You don’t think you have enough experience to make the leap.
  • You figure all the good roles go to nurses, anyway.

  • You have no idea where to find quality non-clinical jobs.

  • You feel exhausted from clinical care, and don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out—because I’ve got your back!

Landing a non-clinical role doesn't have to be a grind!

Take a deep breath, and imagine...

happy non-clinical PT

Working in an environment where you’re worth more than your billable units!

happy non-clinical OT family

Enjoying a flexible, fulfilling role with plenty of growth opportunities!

happy non-clinical SLP hero

Leveraging your experience and education to help fix healthcare’s biggest problems!

But going non-clinical isn’t just about you getting pee breaks and higher pay 🙂 You’ll also help pave the way for other rehab professionals to make a positive impact on the healthcare world.

From improving EHRs to streamlining discharge planning, you’ll leverage your background to improve healthcare for patients and practitioners alike.

woman showing we can do more than patient care

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I run a FREE job postings group for PT/OT/SLP professionals, where you can find hot non-clinical jobs up for grabs!

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My flagship course provides guidance, tools, and resources for hundreds of clinicians launching non-clinical careers!

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I run a FREE online networking group for PT/OT/SLP professionals looking for ideas and inspiration!

meredith castin - founder of the non-clinical pt

Hi, I'm Meredith!

I’m a PT who bucked the trend and left patient care. After plenty of mistakes and missteps, I was able to build an incredible non-clinical career.

I started out as a rehab liaison and freelance health content writer, then grew from there.

My mission is simple: To help you launch a non-clinical career you love…without all the headaches and missteps along the way!

What others are saying...

There was SO much content in Non-Clinical 101! It was great! It was easy to bite off pieces when I was able to - I have a busy schedule so I could complete it at my own pace. The explanations were amazing! So easy to understand. I LOVED the thoroughness of each topic and the descriptions of the various non-clinical positions. Honestly, I got out of it EXACTLY what I wanted, I have a new, non-clinical, remote position and I am SO happy.

Mary F.

I can't thank Dr. Meredith Castin enough! Her advice has undoubtedly saved me countless hours of frustration trying to navigate this career transition on my own. Not to mention, she has the most motivating and encouraging attitude!

Kristina R.

I am thrilled with the role I landed. The pay is actually better than what I was making in outpatient private practice! I know that I would not have had the courage to apply to a position like this without Non-Clinical 101. The practical advice given was priceless and made me confident in the role I was applying for and my ability to succeed in this role.

Andrea M.

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4 Secrets to Landing a Fulfilling Non-Clinical Job