Save $150 on MedBridge CEUs with promo code TNCPT

$150 Discount with MedBridge Promo Code: TNCPT

MedBridge Education is our favorite unlimited CEU platform. There’s a wealth of clinical and non-clinical CEU course options, and the price is reasonable—a true bargain if you use our MedBridge Promo Code: TNCPT. This coupon code gets you $150 off, which is the best discount you can find!

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You might be here purely for the discount code! If so, go forth and use it, and have a nice day 🙂 If you’re still wondering whether MedBridge Education is the right fit for you and your continuing education needs, here’s our review!

The value of the MedBridge CEU platform’s non-clinical offerings

When we’re working on a non-clinical career pivot, time is limited. On top of normal work duties, we must research alternative career paths, spend time upskilling, and start tailoring resumes to the jobs we pursue. 

Save $150 on Unlimited CEUs with promo code TNCPT

This means CEU requirements can sneak up on us. We’re big fans of using time efficiently, which is why we recommend MedBridge Education for its vast selection of non-clinical CEU certifications and courses. Such offerings are beneficial to you for four reasons:

  1. They look great on your resume: non-clinically focused courses and certification programs provide valuable education in specific career paths, such as compliance, leadership, care coordination, and more. Your resume will be that much more competitive when you’ve shown that you’ve taken the initiative to learn more about the new career path(s) you pursue. MedBridge even provides some great certification programs that you can use to further bolster your resume.
  2. They make great talking points during interviews: there’s nothing worse than going to an interview and realizing you’re unprepared. MedBridge’s courses are perfect for helping you really immerse yourself in the finer details of the non-clinical jobs you pursue, which will help you shine in your interview. 
  3. They often count for your CEUs: many of the non-clinical courses and certification programs offered by MedBridge also count for your continued competency requirements.
  4. They help you focus your efforts: care coordination might sound fun in theory, but taking a course before committing to the career path is wise. After all, if you’re going non-clinical, it’s probably because you realized too late that your medical career path is simply not a good fit for you. MedBridge’s unlimited course platform lets you explore tons of careers that might sound good on paper, but you’ll know more about whether they’re a good fit for you after taking coursework on them.
  5. They provide a “live” option via webinars: One of the best features of the MedBridge CEU platform is that many courses are initially released as live webinars. This means you can often fulfill your state’s “in person” CEU requirement from the comfort of your home!

How to use our 2024 MedBridge promo code:

  1. Go to this MedBridge pricing page
  2. Select your plan
  3. Save $150 automatically, as the link above applies the TNCPT code for you!
  4. Start learning and earning CEUs 🙂

What does a MedBridge subscription discount include?

When you use our MedBridge promo code, your subscription discount will apply to any plan (for any clinical discipline) you select as an individual (not an organization). In other words, whether you select the Education plan or the Premium plan, you’ll always save $150 on your subscription.

What’s the difference between the MedBridge Education plan and the Premium plan?

The primary difference between the MedBridge “Education” plan and its “Premium” plan is that Premium comes with patient education tools, including a home exercise plan (HEP) program that enables you to send plans to patients via text or email (once they download an app to their phone). 

The Premium plan and its patient engagement tools can be a great benefit to rehab clinicians working in small clinics without their own HEP software. However, if your plan is to go non-clinical and you have no need for the HEP program, the Education plan should be everything you need! It even comes with access to the live webinars!

Can you take MedBridge courses online from your phone?

YES! MedBridge recognizes that clinicians are busy and don’t always have the luxury of learning in front of an actual computer. MedBridge courses can be streamed on a phone or tablet, allowing you to learn on the go…without even lugging a laptop along!

Whether you want to stay clinical, or you’re branching out into non-clinical careers, MedBridge will ensure that you’ve got your CEU requirements covered!

Our MedBridge discount code ($150 off) is the best deal

Save $150 on Unlimited CEUs with promo code TNCPT

When you use our MedBridge coupon code (TNCPT), you will save $150 on the membership plan of your choice. This is the best deal you can find.

Is this MedBridge discount the same as the APTA MedBridge discount?

Yes, just like the APTA discount, our $150 off MedBridge promo code (TNCPT) gives you unlimited access to MedBridge’s offerings—both clinical and non-clinical, and both pre-recorded and live!

Where can I learn more about the MedBridge Education non-clinical courses?

You can browse MedBridge’s non-clinical offerings by visiting our custom MedBridge page! If you purchase your membership through that page, you’ll get the same $150 coupon for MedBridge, giving you the best discount you can find for MedBridge.

There are SO many non-clinical career paths out there for the motivated healthcare provider. It can be tough to decide which one is the right one for you. But that’s why we love MedBridge so much that we partnered with them to provide our coupon code: TNCPT. We strongly believe that their unlimited platform is the absolute best for career changers.

Here are some of our favorite MedBridge non-clinical certification programs

Yes, certification programs are included in your flat annual membership fee! (And they are included in both the Education and the Premium plans!) Remember, you save $150 on your plan when you use our MedBridge coupon code: TNCPT.

  • Effective Transitions of Care for High-Risk Residents – this certification program is a great pick for those interested in care transitions, case management, rehab liaison, or LTC leadership work.
  • Fall & Injury Prevention: How To Manage, Engage, & Evaluate – falls and injuries are the bane of any compliance department’s existence, so this certification program is helpful for those pursuing compliance, QAPI, occupational health, and other safety-related jobs.
  • Healthcare Acquired Infections: Prevention Is Key – this certification program is great for those interested in compliance, QAPI, occupational health, and other safety-related jobs in the non-clinical world.
  • Home Health Administration – the home health industry is growing, and with that comes many opportunities for non-clinical work. A certification like this one puts you ahead of the competition when you’re searching for jobs.
  • Home Health Essentials – this certificate is another great option for those interested in home health leadership.
  • Leadership Skills for the 21st Century Work Environment – leadership skills are some of the most valuable when you enter the non-clinical world, and this certification program teaches these skills and concepts.
  • Readmission Prevention for Case Managers – this certification program is, as you’d imagine, a great pick for those considering work in case management, care transitions, or even public health.
  • Seating and Wheeled Mobility – this certification program is great for someone pursuing all sorts of non-clinical roles, including DME sales, assistive technology provider, and clinical trainer.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Essentials – SNF leadership roles often require extensive education on compliance and regulatory factors, and this is a great certification program to teach you what you need in that realm.
    Telehealth: Comprehensive Virtual Care – if you’re considering a move into the many telehealth or digital care provider companies, this certification program can be incredibly helpful. Even if your goal is not to ultimately provide telehealth care, understanding the foundations can set you up nicely for many positions in medtech.

For our favorite standalone non-clinical courses, check out our MedBridge partner page here!

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