5 thoughts on “Strategic Account Manager — Preston Collins”

  1. This read was great timing! I am on my 5th interview for an international medical device company and loved hearing about your success in stepping out of the clinical PT setting! I could not agree more with so many points made in this spotlight read. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Preston! It’s very encouraging to hear your story. I have a question regarding the networking end. I can appreciate making LinkedIn connections and performing informational interviews, but how did this translate into the connections aiding in securing an interview? I know Medtronic employees can send you a job posting for application as an employee referral, but were you able to find a way to secure a more personal referral for a job posting (rather than be 1 out of 200 applicants)?

  3. I have 30 years of outpatient orthopedic experience. I really want to get into a non-clinical role as my body is exhausted from manual techniques, etc. Can you tell me how you revamped your resume? Thanks! Julie Scarpace, PT, MSPT

  4. Great name 🙂

    Can you describe what is in your “brag book” as a PT translating skills to sales? I’ve had an interview or two without much luck – looking for any leg up I can get.

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