Non-Clinical Resources

The Non-Clinical PT Resources

When I realized I needed a plan B, I had no idea where to start. That’s why I’ve put this site together, including tons of helpful resources to help you on your non-clinical journey.

Overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

I recommend that you start out by figuring out what you want to do next, then making a plan. You can explore the following resources:

Non-Clinical Spotlight Series (FREE) Discover tons of non-clinical career paths that various PT, OT, and SLP professionals have taken.

Non-Clinical 101 Gain the confidence, direction, and strategic vision that you need to build a successful non-clinical career. Non-Clinical 101 is my flagship course: a step-by-step guide walking you through the entire process of going non-clinical. It’s filled with tons of resume templates, interview prep questions, negotiation tips, networking advice, LinkedIn hacks, and SO much more!

Wanna be an entrepreneur?

It’s hard work, but it’s super fun! And I’ve compiled all my favorite resources for you in one convenient spot! Or, if you already know that you want to create and monetize a blog using your existing expertise, here’s a great course for you… Therapy Blogging 101 Learn the skills, strategy, and techniques you need to build a profitable blog—without selling your soul or being a slimy salesperson in the process. I teamed up with Chanda Jothen, PT, DPT, another highly successful blogger, to create this comprehensive and fun guide to blogging.

Ready to apply...but need resume and cover letter help?

If you know what you want to do, and you’re confident you have the right background to get there, I’ve got you covered, too!

Non-Clinical Career Starter Packs

I created low-cost career starter packs for the most popular non-clinical career paths out there. These are for therapy professionals who just want to see a sample resume and cover letter—or get access to some sample interview questions.

Looking for third-party education and CEUs?

From writing courses to non-clinical CEUs, I’ve compiled tons of third-party resources to help you build your skills and polish your resume!

MedBridge Education Save 40% on unlimited courses on the platform with the best selection of non-clinical CEUs (Code: nonclinicalPT)

ContinuEd Get a free bonus month on top of the already-cheapest unlimited CEU platform. You can choose,, or (Code: NCPTBONUS13)

Health Writer Hub: Breaking into Health Writing Save 10% on the best course for budding health writers

Coursera Explore free and low-cost online education on everything from user experience to data analytics and health informatics!

Udemy Enroll in low-cost courses to help you learn software like MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and much more!

Learn more about these platforms and courses here!

Want to network with other non-clinical professionals?

Networking is key when making the leap from clinical to non-clinical. Here are some resources to help you on your journey!

Looking for non-clinical jobs?

I’m working on building partnerships with employers, so stay tuned for big changes. For now, please join my FREE non-clinical job postings Facebook group for rehab professionals!

Want to stay in the clinic, but need HELP?

Bless you. Our best clinicians should not be leaving the clinic in droves! I’ve found some great resources to help you fight burnout and be a resilient practitioner!