Since I launched this site in 2017, I have been carefully curating resources to help you build the career of your dreams! I only recommend products and services that I truly believe in, but if you know of anything you feel I should add, I'd love to learn please reach out!

Affiliate Disclaimer: I have established relationships with some of my favorite trusted companies. By using several of the links below, you'll help support the mission of The Non-Clinical PT, but in no way does it increase the cost you pay for these items and services. In fact, my goal is to help you SAVE money! Thank you for your support.


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Breaking into Health Writing (Save 10%)

This is, hands down, the best introductory course I have found for aspiring health writers! Be sure to enter the code TNPT at checkout to get 10% off!

MedBridge (Save 40%)

This is the best online resource I have found for unlimited CEUs and con-ed, and it contains tons of courses on compliance, billing, and other non-clinical topics. Highly recommend. Be sure to use the discount code nonclinicalPT at checkout to save on your membership.

Telehealth Consulting (Save $50)

Rob Vining, PT, MSPT is the go-to resource for creating your own telehealth business. He's been at it the longest and has the most in-depth industry knowlege. He offers consulting to help you set up your own profitable teletherapy business. With code nonclinicalPT, you'll save $50, so you'll pay just $325 (instead of $375) for two hours of time with the best teletherapy resource there is!


Join the Non-Clinical Job Postings for Rehab Professionals Facebook group

Several times each week, I post a number of curated non-clinical jobs located across the U.S. I list the location (some are remote!), job title, and license required, and I try to include pay when possible.

Join the Non-Clinical PT Connections Facebook group

This is a great group to network with other non-clinical rehabilitation professionals (yes, that includes, OTs, SLPs, and assistants!), and I pop in several times per week to offer free advice and recommendations.

Recommended Reading

This book is phenomenal for anyone making a career change. It is packed with actionable tips, and it is both empowering and inspiring. If you’re feeling bad for changing course, this is the book you need to read. You’ll feel energized and excited for what’s next!

This book is exceptional for people who can’t seem to get started or stay motivated. I’m guilty of both, and The Slight Edge taught me that it’s OK to take small steps toward my goals, as long as I’m doing something. Microsteps are better than no steps at all!

This one’s for the ladies! Even though it’s directed toward women, Playing Big is a phenomenal read for anyone who has the tendency to self-sabotage (and I’m pretty sure that means everyone). This is the best self-help book I’ve ever read, and I highly recommend it for anyone seeking the courage to pursue their dreams.


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